• Ranking system revisited

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    I’ve spent some time refactoring the ranking system, as it didn’t really make that much sense - admittedly, it looked good when it first went in, but it never actually reflected reality.

    Based on this, I’ve changed the names of the ranks (there are no actual quantity adjustments in terms of the reputations users have acquired) so they look like the below

    • Newbie (0)
    • Rookie (10)
    • Apprentice (20)
    • Explorer (30)
    • Contributor (50)
    • Enthusiast (100)
    • Collaborator (150)
    • Regular (200)
    • Proficient (300)
    • Experienced (500)
    • Veteran (750)
    • Grand Master (1000)
    • Guru (2000)
    • Yoda (5000)

    This new layout makes the system reflect reality in the sense that is now based on your experience with the platform itself rather than any specific skill set.

    Enjoy 🙂

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