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  • RE: iPhone Data and privacy

    Here’s a very useful video that will walk you through the privacy features of Android - mostly around the ones you should disable to get the most out of the experience

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  • iPhone Data and privacy

    Nice to see Apple taking the initiative to finally provide a decent set of controls to protect from tracking, and silent sharing of data

    What’s odd is why it’s taken Apple so long to finally accommodate this when it’s been mainstream in Android for years. As much as I dislike the Apple ecosystem for a number of different reasons, this is quite appealing - further bolstered by the advertising campaign which I noticed during an ad break for a TV series I was watching this evening.

    Another interesting thread topic around the whole privacy side of things is here.

    Given this new privacy campaign, I’m interested to understand the genesis for this in the sense that privacy advocates have been requesting this from Apple for years, and now suddenly, as if by magic, it’s now available in the latest iOS release.

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  • RE: Flarum SEO is worst and i still want to use it 😭

    @Hari I think this alone said it all

    fixing flarums mistakes using an extension is really unacceptable.

    The Flarum Dev team have a somewhat bizarre view of what a core product should look like. Sure, I agree with it being lean to a degree, but any product like this should have the basics at least - with SEO and GDPR compatibility being available out of the box. Any forum product relies heavily on SEO for it be be recognised with content content being added, and if that isn’t done correctly, then you are heading into unchartered waters.

    WordPress SEO is basic out of the box, but it’s at least functional to the point where you could actually use or without needing a plugin.

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  • RE: Flarum SEO is worst and i still want to use it 😭

    @phenomlab said in Flarum SEO is worst and i still want to use it 😭:

    I received something of a backlash when I made the point around Flarum not being GDPR ready or compliant. I’m an information technology and security expert by trade and yet some other members suddenly decided they were experts in the subject matter, and decided to refute my claims by posting links to pointless websites that also had very little idea of what an adequate GDPR framework should look like. In fact, the tone of the discussion deteriorated to the point where my views were almost being discredited - in other words, quite toxic, and not something i wanted to be a part of anymore.

    And it’s clear that my comment above was not without foundation. Flarum released 1.3 and still no GDPR support.


    The phrase “…on the roadmap…” means absolutely nothing, and it’s one of the core reasons why I departed their ecosystem.

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  • RE: Moving away from the quill.js plugin

    @qwinter I think most of the issues stem from 2.0 to be fair - 1.19.7 is stable with zero issues for me. What issues are you experiencing ?

    I self host with Hetzner, and have no issues at all.

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  • RE: how to use CF tunnels with Virtualmin?

    @Hari understood, but you should consider the basics which always work well if they are configured properly before taking the plunge into what cloudflare offer in terms of tunnels. It’s also perfectly feasible to create an SSH tunnel to access VirtualMin from the web GUI.

    A much better method of security would be to place VirtualMin (the admin GUI interface) in an internal virtual adapter that is only accessible when using a VPN. This means that without accessing the VPN first, you cannot use the VirtualMin GUI.

    It’s explained here in terms of setting up OpenVPN on VirtualMin/Webmin

    Also, don’t be under any illusion that this will prevent a DDoS attack against your site. In most cases, the site itself is leveraged in the attach to overwhelm the server hosting it. There are numerous techniques you can deploy - I’ve of them being Fail2Ban which is actually installed with VirtualMin and ready to configure - and it’s working out of the box once VirtualMin is installed.

    Clearly you don’t want to be putting your actual website behind a VPN. That would be little and would make your site fall into the deep web classification in the sense that it would never be crawled, meaning no SEO which I know is important for you.

    It would be worth checking what your hosting provider has in terms of DDoS mitigation and if that extends to your VPS. In most cases, the host can prevent a raft of attacks from even hitting your server directly.

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  • RE: how to use CF tunnels with Virtualmin?

    @Hari why do you want to do this ? It’s unnecessarily complex when you can secure VirtualMin itself to only listen from approved IP addresses, and also use 2fa.

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  • RE: Flarum SEO is worst and i still want to use it 😭

    @Hari So they haven’t actually fixed it in the core…? You should not have to rely on extensions to effectively “patch in” what should have been in core from the first release

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  • RE: Flarum SEO is worst and i still want to use it 😭

    @Hari said in Flarum SEO is worst and i still want to use it 😭:

    did I cry last night for an already fixed bug

    You’ll be doing it again soon when you realize something else is missing and you’ll have to pay for an extension to fix it… 😕

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  • RE: Using nodebb as a publishing destination, posting after git push?

    @qwinter this particular site uses the code I wrote if you want to see it in action. It’s a information and intelligence gatherer I designed for collecting various information security articles from around the globe and consolidating them in one place.

    Essentially, each “post” is in fact generated by the script, and the NodeBB API.

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