Technology can be challenging. Dive deeper with Sudonix.

Have you been thinking about getting to grips with new technology (or even old), and aren't sure where to start - let alone how?
Perhaps you're looking to get into Information Technology or Information Security, and need a starting point. Do you have a specific technical issue to resolve, but have exhausted all possibilities and resources and the issue still remains? Everyone needs to start somewhere, but often, finding someone to help with that journey can often make it unappealing or even in some cases, prohibitive. Be it through cost, a lack of willingness from other existing professionals in the field to share any of their knowledge with others to benefit a wider community, or just a feeling of general trepidation, you're not experiencing anything new here.

Whilst there's always Google, Stack Overflow, plus the plethora of other sites and forums that over time may give you sufficient knowledge and confidence to roll up your sleeves and get your hands under the bonnet with a screwdriver (or a hammer - you choose 😂 ) to fix an underlying issue, they lack one distinctive component - they are often run by people who know what they are talking about, and then probably will help you get past an initial issue at the very least, but what about other issues as they appear on your landscape? How do you work around that?

Enter this site. It's founded by an information technology and security expert, with an industry proven track record in infrastructure, security, configuration, maintenance, and pretty much everything else that goes with making technology work. From a simple computer, to a server room the size of a football pitch, and a network that spans all four continents, he's seen it, done it, and got the battle scars to prove it. He's created technology infrastructure designed to scale to tens of thousands of users and computers, designed a number of fail-safe networks, scalable security solutions, and frameworks for finance houses that are still actively used today.

With a huge amount of experience gained "in the trenches" and knowledge amassed over a 30 year career, the founder of this site has seen many changes in how technology is driven by need, delivered and deployed. However, as technology becomes exponential in terms of growth, accessibility and reach, by contrast, the knowledge pool in relation to those willing to offer assistance, guidance, and ultimately, their own time to help resolve issues and train others is shrinking. And it's for a variety of reasons that this decline in pro bono services has become more of an issue over the years. Essentially, nobody does anything for nothing anymore (or that's certainly how it seems). They want to be paid for their time and effort. There's full truth in the phrase "There's no such thing as a free lunch".....

This site works differently. By coming here, seeking help, advice, and assistance, you're getting a truly unique experience. Once you register for an account, you'll have access to top tier consultancy, a growing community to sound ideas across, and most importantly, a place where you can be assured you're actually going to get the help you are looking for.

Knowledge transfer plays a large part in how this site operates. In most cases, issues are not actually fixed for you (unless you've exhausted all other avenues and are well and truly stuck), but with guidance and advice on how to go about resolving a particular issue, you then have the satisfaction of not only solving the problem at hand yourself, but also get to walk away with an understanding of what went wrong, why, and how you can fix it yourself next time.

Ultimately, this site works as a virtual consultant and extensive knowledge base. Whilst you won't learn how to split the atom, you will learn how to take a “Wild West” of technology issues and turn it into a haven of working components. So now that technology issue you've been grappling with which has had you running around like a screaming banshee because you didn't fully understand what you were getting yourself into can now be tamed and used for its intended purpose 💗.

What makes me qualified then?

Aside from over 30 year's experience in technology and security, there's also this, and this.

Technology issues in your way? Register for an account, and dive deeper today 👊.