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I created this platform to allow anyone to quickly and easily gain direct access to an Information Technology and Security industry veteran without any red tape or bureaucracy so that they can resolve technology related issues quickly and effectively - and increase thier own knowledge along the way, It has been free since inception, and it always will be. This means that anyone with a limited (or even non-existent budget) who wants to use this service can do so, and that's of vital importantance to me.

I want the support and information that this platform offers to be available to as many people as possible - no matter where they are in the world, or how simple or complex their issue may be. Not everyone can afford access to top-tier consultancy, and this platform seeks to change that - for the better.

Having said that, developing and hosting such a site isn't free and I've been more than happy to meet the costs out of my own pocket so far. In order to continue providing this service for free to anyone who wishes to use it, it would certainly benefit from your support!

There's more than one way you can support this project

  • This platform is hosted via Hetzner, and you can use my affiliate link to get free credits for yourself (EUR 20.00), and for me to gain credits once you've paid your first invoice. These credits when awarded to me obviously help to pay the monthly charges for hosting.
  • Lastly, there's the "traditional" route of PayPal direct donation. If you'd prefer to use this method, click this link

Lastly, thank you for any donation. No matter the size, this goes a long way to the development , enhancement, and overall availability of this platform