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    @cagatay I think it’s also important to note why the browser you choose is the best. For example, available extensions, ease of use, privacy etc. You should add Brave to this list I think although they do have a somewhat bizarre referral (BAT) which doesn’t lend itself very well to privacy.

    My personal preference leans towards Firefox for the ultimate in privacy, but I do tend to prefer the flexibility of the Webkit engine used by Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi etc.

  • @phenomlab i cant edit the poll 🙂

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    @cagatay Yes, I know - that’s a long standing bug with the extension 😞

  • firefox vs. safari vs. chromium based browsers 🙂

    we should protect Mozilla among those two giants for many reasons 😄

  • I think this list is incomplete the famous privacy-focused fork of firefox that is librewolf should be on the list, and likely chromium also has one that is brave as mentioned in the above post.

    Also, I think there are various categories on which browser can be called best like some normal users who use it for day-to-day use might end up calling chrome the best. For Linux users firefox is the default choice as it ships with most Linux distros, better privacy, most of them don’t want to support chromium monopoly and firefox adapts the gtk theme a bit better than chromium browsers. and likewise for other categories.

    also remember that Nothing is Perfect 🌟

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    @My-Account salient points here and very hard to disagree with. I’ve been a brave user for some time as I like their attitude towards privacy - I do however disable the BAT awards as I personally have no real use for them. I’ve also used LibreFox and admittedly, really liked it but slowly gravitated back to brave - mostly because it’s hardened out of the box and you don’t need that many extensions to further enhance an already great experience…

    There’s also WaterFox - another fork of Firefox which supposedly has enhanced features - however, I didn’t rate them much. The overall goal for me is to keep browser consistency across all platforms, being Android, Linux, and Windows.

  • @phenomlab Waterfox had a lot of issues when I tried it a long time ago. IDK about the current situation.
    I use Librewolf as my primary browser with some minor un-hardening because some privacy things were making my life hard.
    I also use brave to test my website’s compatibility with chromium browsers, and yea I’ve also disabled that crypto trash completely from settings and disabled the flags with matching names.

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