• There’s nothing annoying like reaching 1500 discussion and only few discussion rank sadly on only one search engine despite having many handshake with most search engines, this is why today i decided to move to node which has a fairly reasonable ratings, search engines understand, and it’s way easy to use unlike flarum.

    I am ready to join WordPress or Nodebb ecosystem, i appreciate your help 👋

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    @Sala No issues - happy to help. Which would you prefer - NodeBB, or WordPress? I know @Hari has done something similar, so it would be good to invite him to this thread also.

  • @phenomlab so far with my online research on mobile i liked something like this.

    Do you like it? Can you recommend it?
    @Hari greetings 👋

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    @Sala I’ve not personally used it, but it seems ok - themes are all down to individual taste so I am impartial 🙂

  • @phenomlab Ana press Question and answers plugin it’s abandoned. We will try wpforo or dw q&a. Thank you for the update.

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    @Sala no problems. Even if you do manage to get AnsPress to work it is littered with bugs - some of which are easy to fix yet haven’t been.

    Keep clear of this one.

  • hello, sorry for the late reply. i was on vacation.

    Coming to the point, i highly recommend you to go with SiForum https://github.com/sinanisler/SiForum

    • You can switch to any other theme whenever you want to

    • All answers are maintained as native WordPress comments

    what else do we need? Full CF APO support for just $5 … host somewhere and use CF apo to boost the experience. no need to worry about Redis or the server. in my case, i am hosting with digital ocean + free Plesk panel believe it or not till today i have not touched the server running successfully for the last few months.

    this developer (one of the core dev of siForum) helped me to migrate my data from flarum to WordPress. i was happy with his work and i paid energy exchange charges for migration.

    SiForum was designed keeping SEO things in mind

    if you are a dev you can look into this code and write your own migration script https://github.com/serkanalgur/flarum-to-wordpress

    i have tried all the WordPress QA scripts like bbpress QA press …etc but it is a rabbit hole and you had to stick to it forever. remember they maintain your questions and answers separately as posts and project them as one page which i am not a big fan of.

    just use SiForum theme or any other simple theme with WpDiscuzz.

    i have over 20k users with 300k posts … all i needed is good SEO support.

    Discuss or flarum they really do not give much importance to the SEO i can say they are application minded … these softwares are only useful when you have user base like Reddit. in my case like i told you all i needed was a good web presence and good SEO.

    Feedback about other scripts which you have mentioned
    why URL structure is weird? (that is the reason i do not like all WordPress qa scripts)

    i want all URLs to be like this https://domain.com/usb-C-iphone/
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    @Hari thanks for the detailed post. The real issue with question and answer plugins in particular with WordPress is the fact that they are single page based. This means it’s difficult to make changes - especially to the URLs.

    The lack of ability to change the URL structure always was a show stopper for me, and in fairness, I never had a great experience (ever) with WordPress and SEO, so quickly abandoned that path.

    NodeBB for me has the best and fastest updating SEO.

  • We’re in Exodus…! The boat you will find, you hang on and pray 🙏 for me i have disliked flarum so much, in such a way that i cant even visit my own domain. It has caused huge damage. Really big! And i feel like i wasted a whole year. And the feeling? People looking at you wasting your time. It’s so bad.

    I will visit my domain when i have fully installed my new software 😍… I found madway by the way he also quit flarum, we had lengthy chat drinking mushroom tea, i’ll invite him here one of these days

  • @Sala i have enough experiences for forum software, used vbulletin, smf, xenforo, wp forum, flarum and my last station NodeBB. I had a blast and very happy. As for SEO also, my index time 3-4 hours after entered post for google.

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    @Sala do invite madway here. I remember him also from the Flarum days. Flarum’s ecosystem is a money generating one which is why most of the development efforts these days is centralized around Blomstra.

  • Whats up guys. Hows everyone doing?

    Agree with the situation. There is nothing worst that to have allot of discussions and later on realise that you picked the wrong platform. Not bashing Flarum, its not their fault. Like most, I should have realised that composer platforms are not for me. I think NodeBB is composer as well. Correct me if Im wrong. Any way, since I been bisy with my own thing, I completely lost track of whats out there? Any new forum or blog type platforms out there? Not Laravel of course.

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    @MadWay NodeBB is actually NPM so not composer 👍

  • @MadWay welcome on NodeBB board 🙂

  • @phenomlab not for free hosting I assume. There is no install.php or similar, If I remember. Does it have that option to have full first post display on front page i stead of just a title?

  • @phenomlab He always arrives safe 😊

    @Hari i agree on that, url structure can be seo effective. I am going to work on WordPress this next week, remember you were able to bring down TTF to 200ms on flarum? 😄 , so let’s aim under that and play small load time and leave everything there and watch how will play out. At least this time we have a wider ground, and able to pay just anyone to work on the simpler worldwide code unlike some place 🤭 We looked like we were captives in some sense. You can’t do a minor change because the extension it’s used by everyone. Now we free damn!

    If we all have something great, imagine how we can benefit on backlinks, and how will be so simple! Not forgetting phenomlab is good in security.
    alt text

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    @MadWay NodeBB is in fact based on NodeJS so doesn’t use PHP at all.

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    @Sala said in Fresher in Nodebb install:

    bring down TTF to 200ms on flarum?

    I can’t see how this is achievable. At least I never managed to get below 600ms in most cases and this was on powerful hardware.

  • @Sala said in Fresher in Nodebb install:

    I am going to work on WordPress this next week, remember you were able to bring down TTF to 200ms on flarum?


    these are my wordpress forum metrics using Cloudflare APO



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