• Hello, I remember reading an article from Mark where he created a honeypot to capture some IP address of a nigerian scammer. Some one in my family has been receiving death threats from someone online and wanted to setup my own website to capture information to submit to the police. Could someone guide me on how to create this? I was thinking of using AWS EC2 to host something, but would like to know more.

  • @jbarber1976 hi, and welcome to Sudonix. Is this the article you’re referring to ?


    Can you give me a bit more detail in terms of your post ? Feel free to use the PM facility if you’d rather not post publicly. All information is confidential.

  • @jbarber1976 just thinking a little more about this in terms of how to structure such a honeypot. The real issue here is that the honeypot itself will only be useful if the source IP is correct - for example, not hidden behind a VPN or reverse proxy.

    In this case, the information you’d gain would be useless as it would only direct you to the VPN host, and not the actual perpetrators, which of course, is the primary goal.

    I’d need more information to be able to comment further.

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