Discourse can turn posts into wiki posts. Can nodeBB?

  • I’m looking for something similar to this:

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    @qwinter Yep - see

    Not tried it myself though - although I think I should given the nature of Sudonix 🙂

    EDIT: Installed, and looks like it needs some refactor for it to work (despite claiming to work, and is supported).

    EDIT2 - this plugin seems to not actually do that much in fairness - see

    The response from NodeBB themselves is to create a category, and allow users to edit posts in that. I’m not sure that this entirely how a Wiki is supposed to work though 😞

  • @phenomlab Amazing, thank you for actually trying the plugin!
    One the nodebb forum solution: letting people edit pots on one category is fine, but then only the author can edit the post he made, that is, no collaboration possible right?
    EDIT: ah, no, I get it, the privs are such that anyone can edit any post. Well. that’s something. I wonder if the edit history (versions) keep who edited what. This is not a bad solution I think.

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    @qwinter it’s workable I think, but not perfect - then again, unless you write a specific plugin to perform such a task, what is. As you pointed out, you have versioning of sorts with the historical access to reach post.

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