• Those with a keen eye (I know @DownPW has already spotted this and provided very positive feedback) will notice that Sudonix now has a new logo, effectively replacing the older one (which in fact was a concept design for Phenomlab I never finished)

    The new logo is shown below

    Dark mode


    Light mode


    For anyone interested in how I generated this, I used AAALogo (professional edition). This software is simple to use, and very effective indeed. If you are looking for a decent logo maker, and have no issues paying £50 (one time fee) for the software, then this is definitely for you. There are hundreds of shapes to choose from, and also millions of possibilities in terms of effects.

    Where did I get the inspiration for AAA Logo ? From here

    And special thanks go to Volanar on the NodeBB forums for this.

  • Thank you mark @phenomlab for sharing 👏
    And good job for the new logo 🙂

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