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Please note, the the blog will be offline for maintenance for the next couple of days whilst we iron out a few bugs 🐛

Thanks to @Madchatthew for spotting those. They’ll be fixed as soon as time permits hopefully over the remainder of the weekend, or early Monday.

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I’m excited to announce that a new blog section has been added 😛 The blog is actually using Ghost and not NodeBB, and also sits on it’s own subdomain of https://content.sudonix.com (if you ever fancy hitting it directly).

We’ve moved all the blog articles out of the existing category here, and migrated them to the Ghost platform. However, you can still comment on these articles just like they were part of the root system. If you pick a blog article whilst logged in

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Seeing as I’m a veteran of the IT industry, I use a LOT of acronyms, terms, abbreviations etc when I write content for others in order to provide assistance. I realised that this could well become overwhelming for some users whilst they trawl Google looking for what those abbreviations etc mean.

Well, not any more 🙂

You can now hover over keywords, abbreviations, acronyms, an...

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I’ve recently revamped the theme to automatically detect those who prefer dark mode over light. Based on this, anyone viewing this forum - either as a user, or as a guest, and has defined dark mode at operating system level, will receive the dark theme by default - no more having to select this (although the ability to toggle between light and dark still exists) when you first enter the site.

To me, it makes much more sense to respect the settings visitors prefer rather than force a particular theme on them by default.

Night owl ? No problem. Light lover ? No problem 👍...

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As part of the upgrade of NodeBB core to 1.18.5, we now have a nifty little feature that allows you to easily quote extracts from posts


To make this work, simply select the text you want, then click “Quote”… 🙂